New Dunedin Hospital 



As part of my internship project for the New Dunedin Hospital, I was tasked with creating an infographic to showcase the upcoming Outpatient Building. The infographic highlights essential details, such as the building’s structure, facilities, and design features. Three versions of the infographic were designed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The New Dunedin Hospital Outpatient Building is a significant project scheduled for completion in 2025. The infographic includes details such as the building’s foundation with 78 piles, the presence of a buried time capsule, two Allied Health gyms (for children and adults), six multi-disciplinary outpatient clinics, 16 Medical Day Unit spaces with consultation rooms, and four day surgery theaters. Additionally, it features essential services such as MRI and CT services, along with Ultrasound and X-ray services.

Project Scope and Creative Approach

Project Scope: The brief for the project required creating an infographic that fits the Te Whatu Ora branding while incorporating my unique design style. The infographic was to highlight the Outpatient Building’s features, showcasing its size, floor layout, technology integration, and co-design with mana whenua. Special attention was given to incorporating essential information while maintaining visual appeal and consistency with the hospital’s brand.

Creative Approach: The creative approach involved designing three versions of the infographic, each carefully crafted to convey the building’s features effectively. The layout, color scheme, and typography were thoughtfully chosen to present complex information in a visually appealing manner. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were the key tools used in the design process.

Infographic Presentation: The final infographic presents a comprehensive view of the New Dunedin Hospital Outpatient Building. It successfully showcases the building’s architecture, various floors, and integrated digital systems, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility. The infographic also highlights the co-design with mana whenua and the use of technology to enhance patient and staff experience.

Collaboration and Feedback: The design process involved collaboration with Kathryn van Beek and the New Dunedin Hospital staff. Feedback was incorporated at every stage, leading to improvements in the infographic’s perspective and details. The final version was well-received, meeting the project’s objectives and serving as an informative and visually engaging resource.

The Journey from Draft to Final Infographic

Creating the First Draft: Designing the initial version of the New Dunedin Hospital Infographic presented challenges due to unclear information. Sketching the concept on paper helped visualize the layout and information placement. Using Adobe Illustrator, approximately 40 hours were dedicated to the first draft, ensuring alignment with the hospital’s brand.

Refining the Infographic: Feedback from the communication team prompted changes to the infographic’s perspective, leading to the second draft. Around 20 hours were invested in creating a new building design and other adjustments. The final version, after further refinements, took an additional 10 hours of work. Despite the challenges, the design process was rewarding, resulting in an informative and useful resource for the New Hospital team and the public.

The New Dunedin Hospital Project and Its Impact

The New Dunedin Hospital Project: The New Dunedin Hospital is a significant healthcare infrastructure project that spans two stages. The Outpatient Building, scheduled for completion in 2025, offers ambulatory services, clinic rooms, day procedures, and non-urgent radiology. The Inpatient Building, set to be completed in 2028, will include an emergency department, operating theatres, and a dedicated primary birthing unit. The project features state-of-the-art facilities with 421 beds, expandable to 21 theatres and 40 ICU or high dependency beds.

Positive Impact: The construction of the New Dunedin Hospital is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy, providing an estimated $429 million GDP boost to Dunedin. Thousands of construction workers will be employed throughout the project’s duration, benefiting the community and local businesses. Once operational, the hospital’s design and technology integration will enhance efficiency, patient flow, and access to diagnostics and treatment, reducing unnecessary delays and improving patient outcomes.

Advancing Healthcare: The New Dunedin Hospital is poised to become a regional healthcare hub, improving healthcare delivery and access to cutting-edge medical services. The design and technology-driven approach will increase pandemic readiness and benefit generations of people across the Southern region, creating a positive impact on the healthcare landscape.

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