Youth Oragnisation

The Peace Club at The University of Otago


Campaing Design

Video Production

The “Peace No War” campaign, initiated by The Peace Club at the University of Otago, stood as a potent endeavor to champion peace and denounce war, with a particular focus on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Collaborating with students from both the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic, the club embarked on a multifaceted project that encompassed the creation of impactful short videos and conducting insightful interviews. These multimedia efforts sought to illuminate the significance of peace, inform viewers about the current state of affairs, and ultimately spur action towards peacebuilding and an end to hostilities. The design process for the campaign was meticulous and strategic, with careful consideration given to crafting narratives that would evoke empathy, compassion, and a call for positive change. By collaborating with students from diverse academic backgrounds, the campaign aimed to foster an inclusive and united approach to addressing global issues related to peace and conflict.

Inspiring Action through Social Media

The resounding impact of the “Peace No War” campaign extended far beyond the confines of the university walls. The Peace Club expertly leveraged the power of social media, strategically disseminating the compelling videos and photos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By utilizing relevant hashtags, they succeeded in amplifying the campaign’s reach, captivating the attention of a wider audience both locally and internationally.

The immersive and thought-provoking content generated considerable engagement, sparking vital conversations about peace, war, and their far-reaching consequences. The campaign’s effective use of social media as a vehicle for communication allowed the message of peace and non-violence to transcend geographical barriers, uniting individuals with shared aspirations for global harmony.

Spreading Peace Beyond Borders

The profound impact of the “Peace No War” campaign reached well beyond the immediate University of Otago community. The emotive narratives, curated through student interviews, played a pivotal role in fostering understanding and empathy among audiences worldwide. The campaign served as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals and communities to reflect on the significance of peace and collective efforts in preventing conflicts.

Through the collective power of storytelling and multimedia advocacy, the campaign stimulated constructive dialogues around peace and war, encouraging individuals to reflect on their roles in promoting a more peaceful world. The far-reaching influence of the campaign exemplified the potential of design to be an agent of positive change, igniting a ripple effect of compassion and advocacy.

In conclusion, the “Peace No War” campaign exemplified the transformative power of design in advancing the cause of peace. By strategically utilizing multimedia content and harnessing the reach of social media, the campaign resonated with audiences far beyond its initial scope. As a result, the Peace Club’s dedicated efforts in inspiring a global movement for peace serve as an enduring testament to the ability of design to unite hearts and minds in the pursuit of a harmonious future.