The Importance of Creativity in Digital Media and Design Education: A Case Study of a Stop Motion Animation

Student Project, Otago Polytechnic

The stop motion animation that I have created is a part of my coursework for the New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design at Level 4, which I am currently pursuing at Otago Polytechnic. The animation is a reflection of my skills in graphic design, illustration, art direction, and creative direction, all of which are critical components of the program.


My stop motion animation has a purpose and a story that I want to convey to my audience. I believe that whoever you are in the world, regardless of your race, gender, social status, or any other factor, you are a human being who deserves equal rights and freedoms. The animation is a reminder that life is temporary, and we are all mortal beings whose existence will eventually come to an end. In death, we all become equal, reduced to nothing more than mere bone fragments.


To create the animation, I started by drawing the characters and elements in Adobe Illustrator, a powerful vector graphics editor that allowed me to create scalable graphics with precision and flexibility. Once the drawings were complete, I imported them into Adobe Photoshop, where I used the timeline feature to create the stop motion animation by combining a series of still images into a fluid and seamless motion.


Overall, I am proud of the work I have accomplished so far in my program, and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my skills and creativity through this stop motion animation.

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