Website design for The Peace Club

The Peace Club at the University of Otago

The Peace Club is a student-led organization that aims to promote peace, love, and kindness in society. They believe that small acts of kindness and compassion can create a ripple effect that can positively impact individuals and communities. As part of their efforts to spread this message, they decided to launch a website that could reach a wider audience and encourage more people to join their cause.


The Peace Club approached me to design a website that would represent their values and mission. My task was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that would engage visitors and provide them with all the necessary information about The Peace Club and their activities.


To achieve this, I used WordPress, a popular content management system, to build the website. WordPress allowed me to create a responsive and customizable website that could be easily updated and maintained. I also utilized my expertise in website design and development to create a minimalist yet elegant design that would appeal to visitors.

The website includes various features such as blogs, essential pages, forms, and a portfolio. The blogs section allows The Peace Club to share their thoughts and opinions on peace-related issues and engage with their visitors. The portfolio showcases the various projects undertaken by The Peace Club, providing visitors with an insight into the organization’s work.


One of the most critical aspects of the website design was to create a sense of peace and calmness through the design elements. I used calming colors such as blue and green to evoke a sense of tranquility and used simple typography to enhance readability. The overall design is minimalistic, with plenty of whitespace to reduce clutter and provide visitors with a pleasant user experience.


In conclusion, the website design project for The Peace Club at the University of Otago was a success. The website serves as an effective platform for promoting peace and inspiring individuals to take action towards creating a more peaceful and harmonious society. The website is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and provides visitors with all the necessary information about The Peace Club and their activities. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with The Peace Club, and I am glad that I could contribute to their cause.

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