The Otago Community Rugby Internship


In May 2021, I was fortunate enough to secure a design internship with Otago Community Rugby. Over the course of three months, I worked as a graphic designer, creating content for their social media platforms, website, logo design, book cover, and booklet.


Throughout my internship, I gained valuable experience and honed my design skills using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I also learned how to adapt my designs to fit within the Otago Community Rugby and Otago Rugby brand guidelines, ensuring that all content remained consistent and on-brand.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding projects I worked on was designing a book cover for Otago Community Rugby’s upcoming publication. Working closely with the team, I was able to create a design that captured the essence of the book while also aligning with the Otago Rugby brand.


Overall, my time with Otago Community Rugby was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to apply my design skills in a professional setting while also gaining insight into the world of community sports.

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