Graphic Designer Role At Otago Polytechnic

As a graphic designer at Otago Polytechnic within Te Pūkenga — the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, I have a range of responsibilities to ensure the accurate representation and protection of the brand across all channels. These include:

  • Developing and displaying digital assets such as digital screens and visuals for social media and web channels.
  • Scheduling content for display on various channels.
  • Designing, producing, and maintaining external and internal publications and online materials, including advertisements, presentations, and social media content.
  • Contributing to creative concepts for major recruitment campaigns and executing them in the market.
  • Executing visual creations for specialized projects, such as animation, typography, and illustration.
  • Designing visual content for marketing collateral, certificates, and support materials for different departments.
  • Uploading content to the website using the Content Management System.
  • Managing the OneLan digital screen platform, including liaising with external contractors for technical issues.
  • Ensuring accurate, consistent, and professional communication content that adheres to brand guidelines.
  • Working with the Visual Content Specialist to maintain up-to-date visual content libraries.
  • Developing briefs with a marketing focus.
  • Providing design advice and support across the organization to protect the brand.
  • Staying updated on visual communication and digital trends and providing advice on their appropriate use.
  • Assisting the team with workload management, utilizing the team dashboard.
  • Keeping artwork files and photo libraries up to date and accurate.
  • Maintaining good relationships and providing a high level of service provision at all times.

These responsibilities contribute to effective brand management and support the organization’s marketing and communication efforts. As a graphic designer, I play a crucial role in ensuring that the brand is represented consistently and professionally across all platforms, helping to build and maintain a strong brand identity for Otago Polytechnic within Te Pūkenga.

Showcasing examples of my design work at Otago Polytechnic

* Trades Careers Pull Up
* NZ Certificate Automotive L3 Flyer
* Dunedin Central Map
* Dunedin Campus 3D Map
* He Toki Flyer
* Carpentry Form
* Course Enrolment Form
* Business Card

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