Bidr – NZ’s Virtual Saleyard


Motion Graphic

Social Media Tiles

The motion graphic project tailored for bidr was meticulously created using Adobe After Effects. Witness a dynamic visual presence on your social media, expertly shaped through my adept application of motion graphics. I efficiently produced this captivating visual, drawing inspiration from the swift and precise movements of a cheetah fueled by caffeine. At its essence, bidr is committed to propelling the business landscape, cultivating an environment where efficiency and speed take precedence. Picture bidr as the virtual saleyard of New Zealand, where real-time auctions unfold online, reshaping the economic landscape into a high-velocity pursuit.

In my role as a graphic designer, I’ve been actively involved in producing compelling motion graphics for Bidr – NZ’s Virtual Saleyard. Leveraging my proficiency in motion graphics, I’ve utilized Adobe After Effects to create engaging visual content tailored for their social media campaigns. My experience in motion graphics includes a strong background in animation, video effects, and storytelling, which I’ve applied to enhance Bidr’s online presence.

In addition to this, I’ve worked collaboratively with the team to bring forth innovative and eye-catching solutions that not only capture the viewer’s attention but also effectively communicate the message. My skills extend to creating dynamic and visually appealing animations that have contributed to an overall improved user engagement and response on Bidr’s digital platforms.

Moreover, my role doesn’t stop at animation alone. I’ve also been diligent in aligning these motion graphics with Bidr’s brand identity. I’ve consistently considered their brand guidelines, color schemes, and typography to ensure a cohesive and professional look. My creativity extends to making sure that every motion graphic I create resonates with Bidr’s brand, maintaining a consistent and recognizable visual language.

Bidr has allowed me to utilize a wide range of skills in motion graphics, including animation, video effects, and brand integration. I’m passionate about delivering visually striking and brand-conscious content that contributes to Bidr’s overall success in the digital space.

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