Debrief 2022

School of Design, Otago Polytechnic


Exhibition Design

Video Display

“Beneath the Surface” was the theme for Debrief 2022, an exhibition featuring the work of graduates from various disciplines of the Otago Polytechnic School of Design. As an intern graphic design student at Dunedin Hospital or Te Whatu Ora – Southern, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute my own project to this captivating showcase.

Designing the LED Plinth

For my exhibition piece, I embarked on designing a remarkable plinth utilizing LED screens to display the artefacts atop it. The inclusion of LED screens added an extra layer of dimensionality to the display, providing viewers with unique angles and perspectives of the artefacts.

I began by conducting research on innovative exhibition displays, seeking inspiration for the design of the LED plinth. I wanted to create a visually striking and interactive platform that would captivate the audience and enhance their experience of viewing the artefacts.

After brainstorming several concepts, I settled on a design that incorporated LED screens integrated into the plinth’s structure. The screens were strategically placed to illuminate the artefacts from various angles, bringing out their intricate details and textures.

To bring the concept to life, I utilized computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a 3D model of the plinth. This allowed me to visualize the final product and make necessary adjustments to ensure its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Creating the Video Display

In addition to the LED plinth, I created a compelling video that complemented the artefacts on display. The video offered insights into the intricate process behind the creation of the artefacts and shed light on their significance within the context of the hospital.

To craft the video, I collaborated with hospital staff and experts involved in the artefact creation process. Through interviews and on-site filming, I captured the essence of their work and dedication. The video also featured time-lapse footage and animations to demonstrate the evolution of the artefacts from concept to completion.

Post-production, I carefully curated the video to ensure a cohesive narrative that connected the artefacts with the broader theme of “Beneath the Surface.” The video seamlessly integrated with the LED plinth, adding a dynamic and informative layer to the exhibition.

Aligning with the Exhibition Theme

Throughout the design process, my primary focus was to ensure that the entire exhibition piece aligned seamlessly with the overarching theme of “Beneath the Surface.” My goal was to not only showcase the artefacts themselves but also to offer visitors a profound understanding of the behind-the-scenes work carried out at the hospital.

I curated the artefacts in such a way that they represented different facets of the hospital’s work, from medical innovations to patient care and research. The LED plinth and the accompanying video were carefully crafted to convey the stories and narratives behind each artefact, inviting visitors to explore the depth of the hospital’s contributions and impact.

A Satisfying Showcase

With meticulous attention to detail and a creative approach, I successfully crafted an exhibition piece that captivated both my peers and the audience. Being part of Debrief 2022 and having the opportunity to present my work alongside other talented graduates from Otago Polytechnic School of Design was an enriching experience.

The interactive LED plinth and engaging video display received positive feedback from visitors, as it provided them with a deeper appreciation of the hospital’s efforts and contributions. This project not only honed my design skills but also instilled in me a greater sense of pride in using design as a powerful tool to communicate meaningful stories and create impactful experiences.