Creating a Symbolic Logo for The Peace Club at the University of Otago

Logo and Branding Design

The Peace Club is a student organization at the University of Otago in New Zealand that promotes peace and harmony on campus and beyond. They approached me with a request to design a logo that would reflect their mission and values while conveying a message of peace and innocence.


To begin the project, I researched and analyzed the client’s brand, mission, values, and target audience. The client wanted a logo that would be easily recognizable and convey a sense of harmony and tranquility. After several brainstorming sessions, I came up with a logo concept that focused on the letter “P” and the dove.


The letter “P” is the first letter of the word “peace,” and it also serves as a symbol for the concept of peace. I chose a bold, sans-serif font for the letter “P” to give it a modern and timeless look. I then added a dove to the logo, as the dove is a universal symbol of peace and innocence that has been used for thousands of years in various cultures.

The final logo design features a stylized “P” in blue, with a white dove perched on the curved part of the letter. The dove is depicted in a simple, abstract form, with a wing and tail feathers visible, giving the impression of a bird in flight. The color blue was chosen as it is often associated with peace, while the color white represents purity and innocence.


In addition to the logo, I also created a typography and color palette that would complement the logo and help establish a cohesive brand identity for The Peace Club. The typography I chose is a clean, modern sans-serif font, and the color palette includes blue and white, as well as gray and black for contrast.

Overall, the project was a success, as the final logo design effectively conveys the message of peace and innocence that The Peace Club aims to promote. The completed project included the logo, typography, and color palette, which will help The Peace Club establish a recognizable brand identity. The project was completed on June 5, 2021.

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