Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories Branding

Internship Project

Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories (OCSL) is a state-of-the-art medical training facility located in the University of Otago. As part of my internship project with OCSL, I was tasked with designing updated logos and brands that would reflect the modern and innovative nature of the organization.


To begin the project, I reviewed the existing OCSL logo and branding elements and identified areas for improvement. I then developed three options for the new logo and branding, each with a unique design and approach.


The first version of the logo features two hands designed in a modern style with gradient colors of yellow and dark blue. The color scheme of the new logo matches that of the University of Otago, emphasizing that OCSL is a part of the University. The use of hands in the logo signifies the hands-on training and clinical education provided by OCSL.


The second version of the logo builds on the structure of the previous logo, with “Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories” and “Safer Care Through Hands-On Clinical Education” still shown in a circle for the single version. The text and motto have been moved to the side and bottom of the new logo for the horizontal and vertical versions, respectively. The two hands have been developed and created with a new beautiful design, adding more emphasis to the hands-on training aspect of OCSL.


The third version of the logo is a unique design that features a Matau (fish hook) symbol. The Matau is a Maori symbol that represents prosperity and safety. The Matau was incorporated into the design as two hands, representing the hands-on clinical education and training provided by OCSL. This version of the logo conveys a modern design that represents the Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories while incorporating a traditional Maori symbol.


Overall, the updated logos and branding designs for Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories were successful in conveying the organization’s mission and values. The new logos feature a modern design with vibrant colors that represent the University of Otago, and the use of hands and Maori symbols effectively convey the organization’s commitment to hands-on clinical education and safety. I am proud to have contributed to this project during my internship at OCSL.

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