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Brand Identity

Logo Design

Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories (OCSL) is a state-of-the-art medical training facility located within the esteemed University of Otago. During my internship at OCSL, I was presented with a compelling challenge—to revitalize their logos and branding to reflect the organization’s modernity and innovation. OCSL’s existing logo and branding elements were meticulously reviewed, and I identified areas for improvement. With a creative vision in mind, I set out to design three distinctive logo options and branding strategies that would resonate with the organization’s values.

Logo Redesign: Emphasizing Hands-On Training

In the first logo iteration, my focus was on highlighting the essence of OCSL’s hands-on training and clinical education. A contemporary design featuring two hands took center stage, carefully rendered in gradient colors of yellow and dark blue. This color scheme was thoughtfully chosen to align with the University of Otago’s identity, reinforcing OCSL’s connection to the prestigious institution.

The two hands in the logo served as a powerful symbol, embodying OCSL’s commitment to equipping medical professionals with practical skills that are essential for delivering quality care.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation: Maori Symbol Integration

Drawing from the rich Maori culture and its significance in New Zealand, the third logo version brought together tradition and innovation. Introducing the Matau (fish hook) symbol, a revered Maori representation of prosperity and safety, the logo exuded a sense of cultural pride.

In a masterful integration of tradition and modernity, the Matau was ingeniously transformed into two hands, symbolizing OCSL’s dedication to hands-on clinical education and training. This fusion of cultural symbolism with contemporary design showcased the organization’s commitment to embracing diversity and inclusivity.

Versatility and Expression: Strategic Branding

Beyond the logo redesign, I meticulously crafted branding strategies that amplified OCSL’s message of excellence and advancement in medical education. The logos were optimized for a variety of formats, ensuring their seamless integration across digital platforms, marketing materials, and physical signage.

Each logo variation was thoughtfully positioned to maximize visual impact, whether presented individually or alongside the organization’s name and motto. By strategically placing “Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories” and “Safer Care Through Hands-On Clinical Education,” the branding exuded clarity and professionalism.

In conclusion, the redesigned logos and branding for Otago Clinical Skills Laboratories accomplished the objective of reflecting the organization’s modern and innovative nature. Through a skillful blend of contemporary design and cultural symbolism, the logos embodied OCSL’s dedication to providing hands-on clinical education of the highest quality. The strategic branding strategies further solidified OCSL’s commitment to excellence and advancement in medical training, positioning the organization as a forward-thinking leader in the field. My internship at OCSL has been an immensely gratifying experience, and I take pride in my contribution to elevating their visual identity.

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