Creating a Peaceful and Mindful Branding Concept for Tonboon Company

A Design Project

In this design project, I was tasked with creating a branding concept for Tonboon Company, a Bangkok-based business that offers a range of products and services related to wellness and mindfulness. The client’s objective was to have a brand identity that would convey a sense of peace, calmness, and mindfulness. After conducting research and analysis of the client’s mission, values, and target audience, I came up with a branding concept that was centered around a peaceful position or meditation posture. This concept would effectively capture the desired mood and tone while staying true to Tonboon’s focus on mindfulness and wellness. To ensure the client had options to choose from, I created three different branding concepts. The first concept was a minimalist design featuring the posture of a meditating person with soft lines and curves that evoke a sense of tranquility. The second concept was a more elaborate design that included an intricate lotus flower with flowing lines and curves, symbolizing beauty, purity, and spirituality. The third concept was a more playful and abstract design that featured colorful dots arranged in a circular shape, representing energy and balance. After presenting the three options, the client selected the minimalist design as it perfectly captured the desired mood and tone. The final design featured a soft blue color palette, further enhancing the peaceful and calming effect. Overall, the branding project was a success, as the final design effectively conveys Tonboon’s mission and values, while appealing to the target audience. The completed project included the logo, typography, and color palette, which will help Tonboon establish a cohesive and memorable brand identity. The project was completed on February 23, 2022.

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