Otago Polytechnic

The Peace Club (Trust)


Video Production

Music Video

The “Peace Comes with It” music video emerged as a collaborative masterpiece, weaving together the efforts of The Peace Club at the University of Otago and a team of skilled musicians, videographers, and designers. The soul-stirring song served as a documentary-style representation of living peace, with its poignant lyrics conveying messages of hope, empowerment, opportunity, and dignity. At the heart of the music video’s concept lay the profound understanding that peace is not merely the absence of conflict, but a state of justice and equality. It sought to illustrate how peace is intrinsically linked to preserving the world for future generations, encompassing endeavors to end poverty, combat climate change, and fight against injustice and inequality. The video emphasized that peace transcends cultural, religious, ethnic, and ideological differences, urging individuals to coexist harmoniously within a shared community.

Conveying a Message of Unity and Hope

The “Peace Comes with It” music video resonated powerfully, articulating how humanity should respond amidst challenges, instability, and terror. It underscored the paramount importance of respecting human dignity, cherishing the value of every life—be it a neighbor or a stranger. The video passionately conveyed that a threat to peace in any corner of the world echoes as a threat to peace everywhere, advocating a shift towards embracing a global citizenship perspective beyond national or community boundaries.

To foster peace’s enduring presence, the video passionately articulated the imperative to infuse hope in the hearts of the hopeless, provide opportunities to the underserved, empower the oppressed, and restore dignity to the disrespected. It proclaimed that the conditions undermining peace are often man-made, with the power to reverse them vested in collective action by global citizens. The music video served as an inspiring call to unite people worldwide, urging them to commit to creating peace, amplifying awareness, advocating for peaceful communities, and engaging in collaborative action.

The Power of Art and Design for Change

Crafting the “Peace Comes with It” music video was a momentous opportunity for the dedicated team to showcase their creativity and unwavering commitment to peace. Merging the expressive medium of music with evocative visuals, they skillfully crafted a poignant narrative of unity, hope, and the timeless pursuit of peace. The video stood as an emblem of the profound impact that art and design can have in inspiring positive change within society.

In conclusion, the “Peace Comes with It” music video served as a resounding call to action, compelling people to become active co-creators of a peaceful world. It epitomized the vital role of justice, equality, respect, and unity in upholding and perpetuating peace. The video resounded as a powerful reminder that each individual bears the responsibility of contributing to a peaceful world, while also galvanizing collective efforts in the shared pursuit of lasting peace and a better future for all.