Peace Comes with It

Music Video

The “Peace Comes with It” music video was a collaborative effort between The Peace Club at the University of Otago and a team of talented musicians, videographers, and designers. The song itself is a documentary-style representation of living peace, with lyrics that promote a message of hope, opportunity, empowerment, and dignity.


The music video’s concept is based on the idea that peace is not just the absence of conflict but also the prevalence of justice. It showcases how peace guarantees the world is preserved for generations to come by ending poverty, combating climate change, fighting injustice, and inequality. It emphasizes how peace is the ability to differ in opinion, culture, religion, ethnicity, ideology, and still live united in the same community.


The video conveys a powerful message about how we should act toward one another in the face of challenges, instability, and terror. It highlights the importance of respecting human dignity, life, and neighbors, and strangers alike. The video portrays how a threat to peace anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. It encourages people to think of themselves as global citizens and not just citizens of their community or country.

For peace to prevail, we must bring hope to the hopeless, opportunities to the underserved, empowerment to the oppressed, and dignity to the disrespected. The conditions that threaten peace are man-made, and it is the actions of global citizens that can reverse them. The video urges us to mobilize people from around the world to commit to creating peace, create awareness, advocate for peaceful communities, and take action together.


The “Peace Comes with It” music video was an exceptional opportunity for the team to showcase their creativity and passion for peace. It required the integration of music and visuals to deliver a powerful message of unity, hope, and peace. The video was a testament to the power of art and design to inspire positive change in society.


In conclusion, the “Peace Comes with It” music video is a powerful call to action for people to commit to creating a peaceful world. It showcases the importance of justice, equality, respect, and unity in ensuring that peace prevails. The video reminds us that we all have a role to play in creating a peaceful world, and we must work together to achieve this goal.

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