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Communications & Public Relations Coordinator

Executive Committee Member

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Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Pacific

Best Uthakhamkong is excited to share they’ve taken on the role of Communications & Public Relations and Executive Committee member for New Zealand at the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Pacific. The recent launch event for The Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAYE) – Pacific, held in partnership with the Commonwealth Youth Programme, aims to foster collaboration and innovation for economic and social progress in the region. Best Uthakhamkong’s focus is on engaging with young entrepreneurs and stakeholders in New Zealand, building relationships, and implementing programs to address their needs.


I’m delighted to announce a significant milestone in my professional journey as I step into the role of Communications & Public Relations and Executive Committee member for New Zealand at the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Pacific (CAYE-Pacific). This exciting development, highlighted in a recent news release by the Commonwealth, marks a transformative era for nurturing young entrepreneurs across the Pacific region.

The virtual launch, held in collaboration with the Commonwealth Youth Programme on Thursday, August 3rd, drew the participation of esteemed government officials and influential business leaders. The event featured a dynamic roundtable discussion addressing the current landscape of youth entrepreneurship in the Pacific.

In an inspiring keynote address, Dr. Mema Motusaga lauded the establishment of CAYE-Pacific as a youth-centric strategy poised to accelerate the achievement of critical Sustainable Development Goals. She underscored the pivotal role of young people in propelling positive and sustainable development.

Alex Andric, the Chairperson of CAYE-Pacific, outlined the network’s commitment to connecting innovative young entrepreneurs in the region. The goal is to provide them with access to local and international events, fostering collaboration with other CAYE networks in Africa and Asia. This approach aims to broaden market opportunities and harness the Commonwealth Advantage for Pacific entrepreneurs.

Zachary Harrigan, Vice-Chairperson of CAYE-Pacific, detailed the network’s dedication to policy analysis and recommendations for improvement, directing these insights to governments and administrations. CAYE-Pacific’s model draws inspiration from successful Commonwealth networks in Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, all established with the backing of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Sushil Ram, Commonwealth Advisor for Youth Development, commended the CAYE-Pacific Executive Committee for steering the network’s growth. He highlighted the critical role of entrepreneurship in addressing global youth unemployment, emphasizing that the formation of CAYE-Pacific spotlights youth at the forefront of positive change.

As an Executive Committee member representing New Zealand, my primary focus will be on engaging with young entrepreneurs, startups, and stakeholders within our vibrant nation. Collaborating closely with the Projects & Events portfolio, my aim is to develop and implement programs tailored to the unique needs of our local entrepreneurs.

For more information or to connect with me, feel free to reach out at or visit Join me on this exhilarating journey as we empower and uplift the youth of New Zealand and the entire Pacific region, fostering a future of sustainable entrepreneurship and prosperity!

Reference: Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Pacific. (2023, August 7). New Commonwealth Network to open doors for young entrepreneurs in the Pacific. The Commonwealth.