Graphic Designer

Marketing | Real Estate | Wool | Livestock


PGG Wrightson Ltd

Excited to share a pivotal career milestone: I officially joined PGG Wrightson Ltd on September 11, 2023, as a Graphic Designer. This role at PGG Wrightson’s dynamic Agency Marketing team allows me to leverage design expertise for branding and marketing initiatives in Livestock, Wool, and Real Estate. Collaborating with a passionate team, we aim to create compelling visual narratives and impactful marketing materials. This opportunity blends my love for design with marketing, contributing to the company’s success while refining my skills. Eager to embrace challenges, I look forward to sharing this creative journey with peers, collaborators, and clients. Stay tuned for updates on exciting projects shaping this chapter of my career!

I’m delighted to share a significant milestone in my career journey as I officially joined the esteemed PGG Wrightson Ltd team on September 11, 2023, in the role of a Graphic Designer. This new role marks the beginning of an exciting and enriching chapter in my professional life.

As a Graphic Designer at PGG Wrightson, I am proud to be an integral part of the dynamic Agency Marketing team. The essence of my work revolves around leveraging design expertise to elevate and strengthen the branding and marketing efforts across multiple sectors, including Livestock, Wool, and Real Estate. I see my role as an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the realms of visual communication and brand enhancement.

In this position, I work collaboratively with a talented and passionate group of professionals who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Together, we strive to create captivating visual narratives that resonate with our audiences and leave a lasting impression. My responsibilities include designing and creating compelling marketing materials that align with PGG Wrightson’s brand identity, ensuring consistency and professionalism in every aspect of our promotional materials. This role allows me to merge my passion for design with the dynamic world of marketing, enabling me to contribute to the company’s ongoing success while honing my skills and expertise in the process.

I am eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come my way in this role, and I look forward to sharing the journey with my peers, collaborators, and, most importantly, our clients. This new adventure as a Graphic Designer at PGG Wrightson is not just a professional endeavor but a personal one as well, where creativity knows no bounds, and the pursuit of excellence is a constant driving force. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting projects and experiences that will undoubtedly shape this chapter of my career!