Transforming the Peace Symbol: The Story Behind The Peace Club Logo Version 2

Logo and Branding Design

The Peace Club is a student-led organization at the University of Otago dedicated to promoting peace and nonviolence on campus and beyond. The club’s logo comes in two versions, with version 2 featuring a modified peace symbol as the letter “P”. The peace symbol, which was originally designed in 1958, has become an enduring and recognizable symbol of peace around the world.


To create the logo, the designer drew on the identity of the peace symbol and modified it to form the letter “P”, which stands for “peace”. The three lines inside the circle were transformed into a bold, stylized letter that conveys strength and clarity. This approach gives the logo a sense of both history and modernity, as it takes a classic symbol and updates it for a contemporary context.


The logo’s clean and simple design is both easy to recognize and memorable, making it an effective tool for promoting The Peace Club’s message. The logo’s color scheme of green and white also reinforces the club’s peaceful and environmentally friendly values. The logo can be used on a wide range of materials, from flyers and posters to t-shirts and stickers, and helps to give The Peace Club a distinctive visual identity that sets it apart from other student organizations on campus.


Overall, the logo design for The Peace Club Version 2 is a powerful and effective representation of the club’s mission and values. It successfully communicates the message of peace and nonviolence in a clear and memorable way, and is sure to be an asset to The Peace Club for years to come.

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